Family Law Attorney

Who you are: You are a skilled, dedicated, and multifaceted family law attorney who can take a client from intake through judgment/resolution with compassion, empathy, style, and just the right amount of aggressiveness when needed. You are thoroughly familiar with family law and adept at handling custody, community property, modifications, contempt, and other aspects of family law practice such as adoption, tutorship, QDROs, and more.

You are dedicated to client service and strive to create long-term relationships. You focus on resolutions for your clients whether by consent, judgment, or otherwise. Your clients, coworkers, family, and friends describe you as dedicated, loyal, dependable, thoughtful, and (if we’re being honest) brilliant. But you feel just at ease by arguing vociferously for your client’s position and rights. You have a high capacity and a great memory. You are a builder and a giver.

You have at least a few years of experience and are familiar with family law courts from New Orleans to the Bayou and River Region. You may currently be an associate looking to branch out and take flight, or a solo attorney looking for a little more structure and help with your weaknesses.

Who we are: We are a small but dynamic firm looking for an attorney to LEAD our family law practice.

Over the years, our firm has developed many relationships and systems resulting in an abundance of family law matters, and we need someone to come in, take charge, and help us better develop and manage the family law practice.

Our firm handles a variety of matters from personal injury to disability and family law. We believe by focusing on client relationships along with a holistic marketing approach, we ably serve our clients and create the structure for ongoing referrals and relationships. We use a robust case management system and have the ability to work remotely (unless of course, you are in court or meeting with the client).

For this position, we offer:

  • Guaranteed base between $5,000-$7,500 per month
  • Guaranteed bonuses based on family law collections after onboarding and transitory period (expected 3 months)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Two office locations (Metairie and Luling)
  • Abundant training and development opportunities
  • Paid Time Off
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Paid Holidays

We are more focused on collections than billables and base/bonus will be dependent on both. Over time and for the right person, overall compensation will be tied to the overall growth and robustness of the family law practice as a whole. No health insurance currently but possible to work out something for the right candidate. Your growth potential is only limited by you!

Our work environment is cordial and supportive. We don’t really tolerate jerks and those personality types won’t fit in here. We work hard – no doubt, but also understand there is life outside of work. We support our team and are goal-focused. We pull for our team’s success but are honest about our progress and failures. We expect you will be as well. We are constantly trying to improve our systems and relationships. We like to help out in the community and will help position you as a great family law resource.

Are you ready to join us? We are not your traditional law firm with a traditional process, so, if after all of this, you want to join us, do the following:

Send to stc.lawresumes AT gmail DOT com as follows:

  1. The body of your email should be your cover letter and your cover letter should answer these questions:
    1. What most interested you about the posting and the position?
    2. Why is this position the best fit for you right now?
    3. How many family law cases have you handled in the past 3 years?
    4. What is the ideal number of cases for you to handle at a time?
    5. Share the name of the book, professor, seminar, or person who has had a significant impact on how you approach clients (and life) and why.
  2. Provide 2 writing samples:
    1. A memo in support or opposition to a position in a case you have done, and
    2. A letter to a client or opposing counsel discussing a complex issue. Please redact all privileged information. This must be in PDF format only.
  3. Attach your resume in PDF format.
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