You know divorce is the messy and painful end of a marriage.

However, despite divorce being everywhere, the details of the divorce process are often a mystery.

Here are some sensible actions you can and should take as you plan and prepare for your divorce.3 Steps to Plan & Prepare for Divorce

Change Passwords

As soon as you know (or maybe even as soon as you have a suspicion) that divorce is in your future, change every one of your passwords, passcodes, and PINS on every account and device you have.

Get Your Credit Report

Studies indicate almost 25% of married people spend money or conceal debt they don't want their spouse to know about. Is your spouse one?

Obtaining a credit report will help you figure this out earlier rather than later.

Forward Your Mail

Protecting your communications during your divorce is important.

Sometimes a soon-to-be-ex-spouse will be able to intercept your mail if you do not change your address.

One solution is to get a P.O. Box and have your mail forwarded to the new box.


These tips are excerpts from my book 16 Sensible Actions to Help You Plan and Prepare for Your Divorce

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