Are you going through a divorce in Luling, Louisiana?

Then you need a divorce law firm that can assist you with compassion and care to defend your rights.Luling Divorce Lawyer, Loyd Bourgeois

Our team is here to deliver the legal representation that you need during these difficult times.

Let us bring you the results that we have brought to our clients in Louisiana. Explore our services and the benefits of working with us.

A Divorce Lawyer in Luling to Guide You Through This Tough Process

You have finally made the decision to divorce, a tough decision that will hurt but that will improve your life.

The LJB Legal team is here to guide you through this hard process to make the best decisions to protect your integrity, your children, your finances, and everything that is important to you.

Since 2010, my law firm and I have been helping clients like you in Louisiana to protect their rights, wellbeing, and interests during their divorce process, and we will do the same for you.

Our law office practices the core values of compassion and care because they give us the purpose and motivation to truly help our clients, especially in hard and stressful situations like divorce, to bring them hope, stability and protection.

16 Sensible Actions to Help You Plan and Prepare for Your Divorce

Learn how you should protect yourself and divide your finances in our FREE book, 16 Sensible Actions to Help You Plan and Prepare for Your Divorce.

With this free resource, you will become efficient at monitoring your account information, knowledgeable of how much money you should take from a joint account and when, and become confident in your ability to plead your case in front of a judge.

You will learn why it’s crucial to manage your credit, create your own personal and business accounts, and plan out your custody case before filing.

The information in this guide can help prevent you from making serious mistakes in your divorce and child custody case.