Are you going through a divorce in Metairie, Louisiana?

If you find yourself filing for divorce, then you will need an effective and compassionate divorce and family law lawyer by your side fighting this battle.

Our Metairie divorce lawyers are ready to help you cope with this difficult process.Metairie Divorce Lawyer, Loyd Bourgeois

Our team compassionately guides people just like you…those making tough decisions and facing tough life choices…through one of life’s toughest battles – divorce. And, we welcome the opportunity to guide you.

There is no sugar coating this – divorce is hard, even when it's amicable. Tough decisions need to be made on your emotions, your finances, your children, your property. You need a calm, level-headed voice to help you during this emotional time.

A Divorce Lawyer to Bring You Peace, Stability, and Results

Opting for divorce is a hard choice, especially when there are children involved. Your mind might be racing with thoughts and your emotions might be tangled, but it's normal during this process, and this is why I offer you my guidance and assistance to fight this battle.

Since 2010, my law firm and I have worked on and won a wide variety of cases. From legal separation to battling child custody, you will have an experienced and effective divorce lawyer working to protect your rights. You have my compromise that I will take all the steps and put in all the necessary work to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family.

From beginning to end, you will receive dedicated, compassionate, and careful attention, because we understand what you are going through and we will make this burden as easy to carry as possible.

16 Sensible Actions to Help You Plan and Prepare for Your Divorce

Learn how you should protect yourself and divide your finances in our FREE book, 16 Sensible Actions to Help You Plan and Prepare for Your Divorce.

With this free resource, you will become efficient at monitoring your account information, knowledgeable of how much money you should take from a joint account and when, and become confident in your ability to plead your case in front of a judge.

You will learn why it’s crucial to manage your credit, create your own personal and business accounts, and plan out your custody case before filing.

The information in this guide can help prevent you from making serious mistakes in your divorce and child custody case.