“Fortunately, Loyd Bourgeois is an attorney of his word. There are no hidden deals made with the other side, there is never a lapse in communication. There is always complete competency and humanity in working your case. He is implicitly honest, upfront, with an excellent quality of work. He puts his clients first and foremost. In less than a week’s time, he figured out what was wrong with my disability case that three other attorneys completely missed and dragged out for years. The client should not have to be the one knowing the correct law and have to bring it to a attorney’s attention. Loyd keeps you informed throughout the entire process, follows up on what he says he will do for you, and absolutely gets the job done without any excuses. He should be the role model for all attorneys. Do yourself a giant favor, do not hesitate to call Loyd and meet with him about your case. Get it done right, the first time.”

Reachel Mayeur, Harahan, LA