Did you receive a disability denial letter and are unsure of the next steps?

You received a denial letter or termination of benefits from your group or individual long-term disability insurance company or from Social Security.

You applied for benefits, filled out all the forms, and your doctor sent in medical records, but you were still denied!

You have many questions now.  The first is probably "WHY?" then "How do I fight this?" and "Do I need a lawyer?"

The answer to that question is YES, you definitely need a lawyer to look at your denial letter. 

Get Your Denial Letter Reviewed Now

While you may not need to hire a lawyer, we can review your denial letter to get down to the why and develop a strategy of how to fight it.

If you file the appeal completely on your own, you risk not correcting the issue they found with your original application.

If your benefits have been denied and you are entitled to appeal, fill out this form and we will email you instructions on how to submit your denial letter to us for a FREE review!

We will review your denial letter and give you a detailed strategy for moving forward.

Submit your denial letter to us, and we will provide you with

  1. A top-level review of the reasons given for the denial and an analysis of whether the stated reasons are valid in the world of disability insurance;
  2. A strategy as to what information should be gathered to give your appeal the best shot possible;
  3. A calculation of the date your full appeal is due;
  4. A description of fees and costs going forward should you decide to work with us to get your benefits approved or restored.

There is no obligation and this service is completely free of charge, but you must act promptly.  There is a strict deadline to collect all of the needed evidence and file an appeal.

How to Get Your Denial Letter Reviewed

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Attach your denial letter
  3. Wait about 1 business day to receive your free review and personalized strategy

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