Who should attend this webinar?

What is My Auto Injury Claim Worth?

This webinar is for people who have been injured in a wreck in Louisiana and want to know if they are receiving a fair settlement from the insurance company.

Were you injured in a car accident and you want to know "What is my Auto-Accident Case Worth?"

You're in the right place!

The insurance company usually holds all of the cards, but we can help change that.

Some insider information: You may not need an attorney to settle your car accident claim.  Car accident attorney Loyd J Bourgeois will guide you through how insurance companies and ultimately judges and juries evaluate damages to help you understand what your case is worth.

We will discuss things like pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages.

What will the webinar cover?

  • Why no two cases are alike
  • The main factors used to determine the worth of your personal injury claim.
  • Traps that people commonly fall for - like subrogation, quick settlements, minimum limit issues, and time deadlines
  • The types of cases that you can probably settle on your own
  • How to collect the best evidence to support your claim

This information is provided to you 100% free of charge.

Discover how much your case is worth and find out how to get treated fairly after an injury in Louisiana.

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