This is a helpful and informative book that will guide you through some of the common mistakes and errors that lead to not getting fully compensated for your injuries and damages after an accident in Louisiana.

If you or someone you love was injured in an accident, chances are you are worrying about what you should do first and what steps to take next to have the best opportunity for success with your claim.

This book will help!Quick Guide To Louisiana Accident and Injury Claims

You are feeling frustrated and confused, or you are just wondering if there is a simple way to handle this unfortunate situation.

This book will help!

You may be asking these questions:

  • “Do I have to give the insurance company a statement?”
  • “What information am I required to give to the other side?”
  • “Should I get a lawyer?”
  • “Can I settle this on my own?”
  • “What is my case worth?”
  • “Who will pay for my medical bills?”

This book will help!

This book will answer many of your questions, and ease some of your stress and frustration.

I believe in giving you the information you need, whether you become a client of ours or not!

I know the confusion that people feel after a car accident. 

The insurance company holds all of the cards.  But, I want to change that by giving you the information you need.

  • Learn when an attorney can help and when you don't need one at all!
  • Understand how a potential claim will affect your insurance rates
  • Discover how long you have to file a claim and when you should stop negotiating
  • And much more!

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