You will be trying to get money from a long-term disability provider that wants to keep it.  They have employed and trained people to put you at ease and lull you into a sense of ease.  The trained staff will appear to be helping you fill out the forms and gather information.

Do not fall for it.

What to know before filing your Long-Term Disability claim: The Nature of the BeastThe instances of long-term disability providers bad faith handling of claims are legion.  Your long-term disability benefits provider may only be trying to get the information they need to deny your claim.

You have a right to the benefits paid for by you and your employer.  The long-term disability provider must pay the benefits if it determines you are disabled under the policy.  Even if it doesn’t want to.

Your primary goal should be to make it difficult for the disability company to deny your legitimate claim.  How do you do this?  By building a record of support for your disability claim so that even the most biased observer would say that benefits are due.

You do this from the outset by:

  1. understanding your policy;
  2. getting your doctor on board and understanding your medical records;
  3. knowing your duties and making sure your medical records support an inability to do them;
  4. getting your finances in order;
  5. showing how your illness/injury impacts your daily life with a diary or journal;
  6. getting your family, friends, and co-workers to help;
  7. understanding the importance of the disability onset date;
  8. making sure you do not stop working before you are disabled and have coverage; and
  9. understanding the nature of the beast.

Simply understanding these 9 things in no way guarantees you will be successful with your long-term disability claim.

The long-term disability benefits process is long and difficult.  Many claimants fall prey to the disability company tactics.  Don’t be one of them.

While the law in this area is often not very favorable to you, rest assured that long-term disability claims are paid, and long-term disability cases are won in court.

Good luck.  And, remember the things you need to know before you file your long-term disability claim. If you need help filing a disability claim or appealing a denial, we're here to help. Give us a call at 985-240-9773.

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