Lindy Bourgeois

Lindy Bourgeois

Office Operations and Community Outreach
  • Loyd J Bourgeois Injury & Accident Lawyer
  • 50 Wade Street Ste 9 Luling, LA 70070
  • 985-240-9773

Lindy is a full-time software developer with a degree in Computer Engineering from LSU. So when Loyd first started his firm, he didn't have to look far from home for the natural choice to help out with the website and all tasks digital media.

As the firm has grown, so has her role. She uses her software development skills to identify and create automations for our paper-"less" office resulting in faster case flow to resolution and lower costs for our clients. She has moved out of a strictly digital role to coordinating all of the community outreach for the firm.

With three children in St. Charles Parish Public Schools, all involved in multiple extracurricular activities, she is the perfect liaison between the law firm and the many community groups we work with and/or sponsor, including local schools, community and school sports teams, dance teams, robotics clubs, and school bands.

Bourgeois Family during Battle for the Paddle in Luling

"Whenever I recommend the firm to someone with a legal issue, they look at me with some skepticism. Because of course I'm going to say Loyd is the best. However, I truly believe that everyone we help is getting the best possible assistance. Not just legal help, but information, guidance, and a friendly ear during some of the most difficult and confusing times of their life. It is so rewarding reading new reviews of the firm, because every 5 star review we receive validates this. We may be a small firm in a small town, but I know we provide the best service around. No one needs to hire a big, impersonal firm in the city or one of those national disability mills. It's my responsibility to make sure our community knows this."