Marie Siwangan

Marie Siwangan

Medical Records Specialist
  • Loyd J Bourgeois, LLC
  • 50 Wade Street Ste 9 Luling, LA 70070
  • 985-240-9773

Medical records play a highly crucial role in personal injury and disability claims. They can detail the cause, severity, and prognosis of your injury or disease.

In a disability case, your medical history is important to show the progression of a disease, attempts at treatment, and the limitations that it causes.

Personal injury claims are essentially about showing how and how much you were injured by the fault of someone else. The severity of your injury along with the amount of your medical bills are going to factor heavily in the value of your claim.

Marie is dedicated to obtaining medical records for our clients by:

  • Creating medical record request letters for facilities and individual specialists.
  • Determining which facilities or medical specialists have records that must be requested.
  • Sending letters to each facility and professional.
  • Following up to ensure each facility and individual received the request letters.
  • Tracking responses, or lack thereof, from each facility or individual.
  • Processing and organizing each record as it is returned.

Marie has a Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Resort, and Restaurant Management and many years of experience as a highly-skilled customer service representative.

Marie's extensive customer service history is a valuable asset in her role as a Medical Records Specialist. Her dedication to client satisfaction enables her to effectively interact with medical facilities and specialists to request and track important records for personal injury lawsuits and disability claims. Her experience managing complex tasks ensures that we receive the critical information needed to support our clients' cases.

When I was younger, it was my father's dream for me to become a lawyer. But I went in a different direction. Never would I have anticipated the opportunity to work alongside one of the leading lawyers for personal injury. At LJB Legal, it is true—especially in light of my lack of legal background—that the team is exceptionally compassionate and dedicated to helping. Their treatment of me is a reflection of their treatment of our clients. It's truly gratifying to know that my support in managing medical records not only lightens their workload but also allows them to dedicate more focus to aiding clients. I genuinely enjoy working here and wouldn't trade it for anything.

Family is very important to Marie. She enjoys spending time with her mother Emilia, her husband Vincent, and their two kids, Lexine and Mavee. While not at work, she enjoys eating out and traveling. She treasures the time she gets to spend with family and friends and also likes baking pastries from time to time, which she periodically shares with our community.