DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS JOB RIGHT NOW! If this sounds like the perfect job for you, we know you will be tempted to hurry and submit your application immediately. PLEASE READ THROUGH TO THE END FIRST. Candidates not following application instructions will not be considered.

Customer Service Representative

Who are you: You are a superstar or well on your way to becoming a superstar. You must be great at conversation, emotionally intelligent, able to pull information from even the toughest of interactions, and doing so must bring you joy and happiness. We also need someone who can follow directions, enter data precisely into our CMS, does not have difficulty following a plan but can also change directions quickly. You should not need basic instruction on office software and should be able to figure out other more complex software quickly and easily (it should mostly be intuitive).  You should be a continual learner, willing and able to recognize opportunities to improve yourself and our firm. You abhor excuses and just get things done.

You are a go-getter with drive and an ability to learn quickly.  You able to handle many moving parts with style and grace but can have a bulldog mentality when needed.  You can handle changes to routine effortlessly and like to improve along the way. And you are detailed oriented and great with follow-up. Your friends and family agree on your trustworthiness and dependability.

What will you do:  You will be taking calls into our firm from prospective clients and determining whether our firm can help.  You will be making calls to those who contact us via our website and other methods to deepen relationships and ultimately determine whether we can help.  An additional and important part of the position is tracking information in our CMS, applying predeveloped workflows, completing tasks associated with the workflows including follow-up calls, document package mailings, and invoice collection.   You will be the primary point of initial contact for our organization. You will work hard and become a valuable asset on our team!

Who are we: We are a small law firm growing to meet our client demand.  We are based in Luling, Louisiana with easy access to I-310 and the entire metro area.  We have a second office in Metairie.  We are growing because of the care we show to our clients, our ability to connect with potential clients, and the results we achieve. We have great client reviews because of the compassion we exhibit, and we expect the same from all of our staff. We effectively use technology to communicate with our clients and maintain our “PAPER-LESS” office. We offer a great quality of life and a friendly atmosphere. 

READ THIS: Do not apply if any of the following are true: communicating with people is not fun, exciting, or joyful to you;  you speak only when spoken to; you are not a “computer person”; are unable to end conversations politely; need a minute-by-minute schedule each and every day to get your work done; cannot deal with a fast-paced and rapidly changing circumstances; do not have a great phone presence.

Skills needed

  • Great at creating, maintaining, and deepening relationships
  • Extremely detail-oriented and great at writing down what you have done
  • Understands how to use CRM and other basic office software
  • Easily learns and implements new ideas, trainings, and systems
  • Has an understanding of office procedures (MS products, email, fax, mail, copying, scanning, organizing, etc.)
  • Can do the hard work of saying “No” with a smile and deal with money conversations with prospective clients
  • Has compassion and empathy naturally, and can get more out of a conversation than most others
  • Efficient with time and deadlines
  • Would be described as a communicator and an out-going people person; you are a connector
  • Great at follow-up and follow-through
  • Able to function effectively in a fast-paced, frequently changing office environment
  • Prior experience helping those with difficult situations, in a legal setting or otherwise, preferred.

For the outstanding candidate selected, our firm offers semi-flexible scheduling, PTO, and 401(k) after 90 days.  Pay dependent upon experience and potential.

How to Apply


You must send an email from your own account – do not submit your resume through Indeed.

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line – “I want the Customer Service Representative position.” The following will not be accepted: applications through the Indeed platform, messages through the Facebook platform, emails without the below information, emails without the correct subject line, emails not meeting #4 below.
  2. In your email (cover letter), tell us the following:
    1. Tell us a little about a recent book or movie or performance you really enjoyed and why it resonated with you;
    2. Tell us why you want this job right now and how this job will help you move towards your long-term career goals;
    3. How your past experiences will help you in this position;
    4. Tell us why you are the best candidate (i.e., what make you unique/standout/different); and
    5. Tell us your expected pay range.
  3. Attach your resume as a PDF file.  Only PDF files will be considered. Also, please don’t use a canned resume builder offered through the job site.  It does not help you stand out.
  4. Make sure your spelling, grammar, and syntax are correct in everything you send!
  5. We may contact selected candidates by telephone first to gauge your phone presence so please include an accurate phone number.
  6. Candidates not following these directions precisely will not be contacted.  Candidates not selected for the next step will not be contacted. 

We're sure you're going to nail all of that, and we look forward to working with you!


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