Need Help With Your Social Security Claim? Get Help from a Disability Lawyer in New Orleans

Having a representative gives you a big advantage.

Having a lawyer knowledgeable in disability claims is invaluable.

From our law office, our LJBLegal team is your partner to guide you through this process.

You wanted to get back to work as quickly as possible after your illness or injury.

But as the weeks went by, that hope drifted further and further away, and now your doctor has said that you may not ever be able to perform your old job again. You have likely tried to get back to work in Mid-City a few times and came to the daunting realization that no matter how much you want to, you just can't.

You may not be able to walk, sleep through the night, or get through the day without severe pain!

And then your application for Social Security disability is DENIED.

You paid for your Social Security benefits with every paycheck, and now can’t get them when you need them!

You’re frustrated by the system and scared of the future, and you don’t know where to turn.

Above all, you can’t believe you’re expected to deal with a mountain of paperwork while you’re struggling just to make it through the day.

Do You Qualify for Disability Benefits?

This is one of the questions we get from people the most often. They just want to know if they qualify for SSDI benefits.

After helping hundreds of people across the country obtain disability benefits, we can get a good idea if you qualify by simply asking you a few simple questions.

Take our quick SSDI quiz, and we can tell you if we think you will qualify!

Do I Qualify for SSDI?