I'm not really about money. I'm about what's right.

And it's the same thing that Loyd and his staff have about their clients.

It's just to do the right thing.

I have disabilities. And I had a private insurance policy.

However, after two years, because I was diagnosed with a mental illness, they were saying that they were not going to pay me anymore.

Celena was referred to Loyd Bourgeois' office by a friend who knew she needed competent help with her case.

Loyd is very patient. He's kind, he's a family man.

And he has a lot of compassion for what he does as well as for the people that he deals with, his clients.

Celena was assisted through the process of fighting for her benefits, getting her questions answered before she even got the chance to ask.

I was thinking one time about mileage for whatever reason.

And then here comes Christie, she sends me an email on that exact thing. It was like a tablet to keep track of mileage and different expenses that I was having to pay.

Celena also sought help from Loyd after her injury in an auto accident and subsequent legal proceedings.

So Loyd was right there to pick up where I needed him to be.

So I always have a feeling that they have my back.

I'm so confident in this team.

It's about getting me to where I was before I had this accident.

And that's exactly where I ended up.

Celena spoke about her experience with Loyd and his staff as a treasured client.

Loyd is so easy to work with. If he does not have an answer to one of my questions, within 24 hours, he does get the answer.

And he does let me know so that we, both of us can then go forward with what needs to be done.

The communication in this office is just awesome.

Because I feel like I can talk to anybody and while they may not know my case specifically, they do know who I am.

They know my name when I call.

And again, that's just another spark of confidence that I have.

I don't have to explain every time I call.

I don't have to explain a big explanation of why I'm calling or why I'm here. They already know.

Celena's experience has made Loyd's team her go-to for life's legal issues.

When I come to visit and I walk out, I always feel like a new person, like I can do this and I have help to do it.

Celena Rousse, Galliano, LA