So what exactly does an injury attorney do in my case?

It's a great question.

The answer can be very long and complex, but the short version of it is "We help bring your case to resolution."

My name is Loyd Bourgeois, I'm an injury attorney, with offices in Luling and Metairie, Louisiana, where we compassionately fight for you to get the compensation you deserve after you've been injured.

And it is a question that we're often asked, "So what exactly are you going to do in my case?"

Our firm is going to do a number of things in just about every case. And then depending on the case, it may change because some cases are more complex than others and require different lines of work, different lines of attack, evidence gathering.

But primarily what we do is:

We Listen

One, we listen to you and figure out what exactly is going on, what happened, and what you are looking for out of this claim or this case.

We Gather Evidence

Two, we gather necessary evidence in your claim, whether that's police reports, camera, video, body-worn camera footage, officer statements, other witness statements, obtain information about the insurance of the other driver, or if it's a, you know, premises type case, you know, research proper entities who own the premises, who owns the store. If we get into litigation, you know, we start looking at other similar types of incidents. How often has this occurred? What's the driving record? And there's a number of things that go into building up the evidence of the case. So that's one of the major things we as attorneys do.

Determine Medical Damages

Another major thing we do is listen and learn from you about what's going on to you medically and help guide you to try to get the best medical outcome for yourself. Each case is going to be a little different medically Right? Whether you have a soft tissue injury that may be just treated with some physical therapy or chiropractic care. A massage. It goes away after a few weeks, or whether you have a disc injury and you know, you may need injections, pain management, surgical intervention, or if you have a concussion what they call a traumatic brain injury, you need some more complex treatments. We try to figure all of this out and review your records alongside of you to try to really hone in on exactly what damages you suffered as a result of this incident. Because that is ultimately what you should be getting compensation for.

Give Updates and Communicate with Insurance Adjuster

Myself and our team provide you updates, talk to you, kind of learn from you what's going on, work with the insurance adjuster to try to make sure they're adequately evaluating and properly reviewing all of the information and evidence that we are providing to them.

All That Legal Mumbo Jumbo

If we have to file a lawsuit, we file the lawsuit.

We answer discovery on your behalf, answer any motions. Ultimately, if we have to go to trial, we prepare for that and prepare you for that. And it doesn't really happen that often, but it is a possibility.

That's some of the things that we as personal injury attorneys do in a case to help you get adequate justice for the injuries you have sustained.

Again, my name is Loyd Bourgeois. I'm a personal injury attorney with offices in Luling and Metairie, Louisiana.

I'd be happy to talk to you about your claim, and go into more detail about precisely what we would do in your specific case. Reach out to us 985-240-9773.