If you are a doctor or dentist practicing in Louisiana and had your LTD claim denied, you are likely wondering – WHY DID I BUY THIS DISABILITY INSURANCE POLICY IN THE FIRST PLACE?

You were trying to the things the right way - protecting your income, your family, and your lifestyle. And now that you can’t work, you need these benefits to survive.  But your claim was denied.  So why is your claim being denied?

Here is the big secret - the level of your disability insurance benefits is high, the cost to the insurance company is high, and so the level of scrutiny directed towards your claim is high. This is a problem faced by many doctors, dentists, and other high-income earners. Simply put, the insurance company is out to maximize profit and minimize liability – for them, your claim is a big hit to their business plan. 

You must fight back and appeal all denials. You must hold the disability insurance company accountable.  

Some of the big issues you face regarding your disability claim are the following:

  • Expectations. You expect your disability insurer to pay your claim quickly and without much fuss – just like your car insurance or homeowner’s insurance.  If you have good car or homeowner’s insurance with high limits and high premium, you get “white glove” treatment and premier customer service.  This is not how the disability insurance industry works!  Don’t expect it.
  • You are self-directed. You have worked hard to become a success – school, business, life.  You did it on your own.  But now, you are at the mercy of a series of faceless insurance company personnel and third-party subcontractors with lucrative financial relationships to the insurance company who have your financial fate in their hands. It’s not a comfortable feeling. Your life that you build and worked for is now not up to you!
  • A fishing expedition. Disability claims for doctors and dentists are document intensive, and many times these requests are nothing more than just a fishing expedition where the insurer is hoping to find something that can be used against you despite the overwhelming evidence supporting your claim.  These disability insurers will want extensive documentation concerning your medical history and your financial history.  The requests are aggravating and intrusive.  Be prepared for it!
  • Not having properly prepared medical records. Medical records are the heart of your disability insurance case.  However, medical records as generally prepared are not sufficient to support your LTD claim. The disability insurance company wants to know whether you can or cannot perform the material tasks of your profession and not necessarily your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatments.  Simple throw-away phrases that appear in your medical records can significantly harm your claim – “I’m fine,” “I’m doing okay,” or similar.  While this is counter-intuitive to the function of medical records, when it comes to an LTD claim – expect the unexpected!

Louisiana Disability Law handles claims of medical professionals, doctors, dentists and other high-income earners with Long Term Disability Insurance Claims. Often times, your policy is purchased separately and individually.  You may have your policy through an employer or group plan.  Either way, our team can assist.

If your disability claim has been denied or terminated, call Louisiana Disability Law at 985-240-9773 today or use our simple contact form. There are strict time limits on LTD claims – don’t delay, fight back today!

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