We have all heard the old saying – “Actions Speak Louder Than Words!” 

This could not be truer than in your Social Security Disability claim.  Here are a few examples:

  • Do words or actions matter more to a Social Security Administrative Law Judge?Claimant’s medical records show little to no medical care in past 4 years and only two emergency room visits during that time for tooth pain.  At the hearing, the claimant testifies that he is disabled because he is in constant pain!  The claimant’s actions – not seeking medical care for his constant pain – will speak louder than his words “I am constantly in pain.”
  • Claimant’s earning history and new hire wage report shows the claimant was hired by four different employers over the past one-and-one-half years and earned over $3,500 each quarter out of the last 4.  At the hearing, the claimant testifies that although he is disabled, he tried to work but didn’t last long in any job and barely brought home any pay.  The claimant’s actions – working and earning over $3,500 per quarter – will speak louder than his words “I barely worked.”
  • Claimant’s mental health records show the claimant continues to abuse drugs, has not sought help for addiction, and continues to not take prescribed medication.  At the hearing, the claimant testifies that she is disabled due to her mental health issues and does not get along with the mental health provider which is why the provider wrote those things in the records.  The claimant’s actions – continuing to seek treatment from a mental health provider who she does not get along with – will speak louder than her words that “she does not get along with the provider and the provider is out to get her.”

Social Security judges will look strongly at what you do and the actions you take and give those actions more weight than your words. In fact, if your words are opposite or not consistent with your actions, your claim will be seriously harmed.

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