Your day was ruined because some inconsiderate and inattentive driver crashed into your vehicle.  Your car now needs extensive repairs.  You need transportation to work so while your car is being fixed. You need a rental.


If you have rental insurance under your own auto insurance policy, your insurance company will likely reimburse you on the rental bill, up to the maximum rental policy limit. Take a look at your declarations page to see what this is.  You can also call your agent for assistance. If the accident was not your fault, it will not raise your insurance premiums if you go through your insurance. Your insurance will seek reimbursement from the other driver's insurance company for whatever your insurance company pays out.

If you don't have rental insurance under your policy, but the other driver was at fault and he/she has liability insurance, then the other driver's insurance company should reimburse you on a rental car. Sometimes the insurance company does a "direct billing," meaning you don’t get charged and the bill goes straight to the insurance company.  Other times (more likely), you will have to pay for the rental on your own credit card and then get reimbursed for the amount.


I was in a car accident.  Will the insurance company pay for my rental car?

You will only get reimbursed for a certain number of days of rental. The exact amount will depend on the extent of damage and how long it takes to repair, or until you receive the total loss check.

You should only expect to get a rental for a similar type of vehicle as you have.  For example, you will not be fully reimbursed for renting a luxury SUV when your car is economy, no frills, two-door coupe.


Even if you don't rent a car, you may be entitled to loss of use payments.  This is a payment to compensate you for the days that you were unable to use your damaged vehicle while it was being repaired or while you were waiting for the total loss payment.


When you get your car back from the repair shop, it is not worth the same as before it was damaged.  The value has diminished due to the wreck and repairs.  The at-fault driver’s insurance company should pay for that loss as well. 

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