In most cases, yes. However, the terms of the long-term disability policy will dictate whether or not you must comply.

Most policies require that you cooperateDo I have to attend the exam set up by the insurance company? with the long-term disability insurer’s investigation and/or see their doctors.

Your long-term disability benefits policy will tell you this information, which is why you need to read it carefully.

Should I attend the Disability Insurance Company's Exam Alone?

Another question is should you attend this visit alone. In my opinion, you should not. It is not unheard of for these consulting examiners to make reports to the insurance company that are completely different from what occurred.

You will be well served to have a family member or close friend travel with you to the exam and remain in the room with you the entire time.

After the exam, you should write down everything that occurred and request a copy of any documents that the examiner completed.

Review the documents carefully before leaving and bring any inconsistencies to the attention of the examiner immediately.

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