Some jurors in accident cases believe in the myth that property damage equals injury.

This means that jurors likely will believe that unless your vehicle sustained substantial property damage, you were not injured.

Ironically, this commonly-held belief is refuted entirely by the body of medical and scientific evidence that has been developed over years regarding accidents and injuries.

For example, in a rear-end collision where a car “rear ends” a truck that has a trailer hitch, often most of the property damage will be on the car that rear-ended the truck.

This is why it is so important in these types of cases that your attorney promptly hires an expert to examine your vehicle to collect evidence that can be used to explain to the jury why one car has much more property damage the other.

Our firm is working on a case where there was significant property damage to the car that rear-ended our client’s truck. However, the truck has minimal property damage because the car rear-ended our client’s truck right on the trailer hitch. The trailer hitch is attached directly to the frame of the vehicle so the damage was far less to the truck than to the car that struck the truck.

The fact that the at-fault car had more damage than the truck does not mean that the at-fault party doesn't owe my client for his personal injury or for the property damage to his truck.

It is important in these cases to retain an experienced River Parishes Personal Injury attorney that can retain the right experts to help prove your claim and counter the jury's bias.

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