There are so many things to deal with after a car accident. One thing that many people are rightfully worried about is talking to the insurance adjuster.

They will have many questions for you. But it is important that you know to ask them questions as well.

Questions to Ask the Insurance Adjuster After an Accident

  1. Will you provide a written statement admitting that the wreck was not my fault?
  2. Will you tell me how much insurance coverage the person who hit me has?
  3. Will you give me a written transcript of the recorded statement that you took from all other witnesses and the person who caused the accident?
  4. How much is set aside in “reserves” to pay my claim?
  5. Will you give me a written statement promising to immediately send me a copy of anything you get using my signed medical release?
  6. Will you give me a copy of any “index” information you have received concerning me from your computer insurance databases?
  7. Have you conducted video surveillance of me? Will you tell me if you do?
  8. Will you provide me with a written statement promising to provide me with a copy of any and all video surveillance done on me within two days after doing it?
  9. Will you tell me now if there is any “umbrella” insurance coverage applicable to my claim?
  10. Will you tell me how much the person who caused the accident has in assets?

My bet is that the insurance company is unwilling to comply with the above requests. It wants all imaginable information from you but is unwilling to provide any to you.


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