From becoming filthy rich to losing everything, injury law myths are some of the biggest. Even worse, most of them come from lawyers that will tell you whatever you want to hear, just to get you interested. Today, we are going over 5 HUGE injury law myths.

MYTH #1: You will be able to retire from the riches you will win your case.

Many lawyers will claim that they will win you millions, and this is before they ever meet you, or even hear what your case is about. The truth is, most injury cases will not grant you with riches beyond your wildest dreams. If you do get that kind of cash out, chances are you are probably very disabled, and will not be able to enjoy your settlement. In reality, you will be paid for the pain and suffering caused to you, and you deserve that in full.

MYTH #2: Lawyers are expensive and unaffordable.

This is one that must have come from the movies, because this is just that; a myth. Our law firm charges on what is called a contingency system. This means that no matter what, we do not charge and you pay nothing at all unless we win your case. Even when we win your case, our contingency fee will only be a small fraction of your payout. You pay nothing unless we make you much more.

MYTH #3: Your medical bills will be paid by the at-fault driver’s insurance company when you go to the doctor.

Many people think it is just that easy. You aren’t going to go to the doctor and find a magic check with your name on it. The other driver’s insurance company will not pay any medical bills until the case is resolved. You are going to have to use your health or auto insurance to pay for your medical bills. This is why it is very important to talk to a lawyer. Your insurance is going to look for reimbursement, and you don’t want them to look to you for it.

MYTH #4: You have to give the other side’s insurance company a recorded statement.

If you’ve recently gotten in a car accident, chances are you have received a call from the other party’s insurance company asking for you to give a recorded statement. They will be very persistent and claim they need it for their “records”. Their job is to make you really feel like you are required to give them a statement, this just in; you are not. You should never give the other side a recorded statement, they are only trying to catch you slipping.

MYTH #5: The insurance company will offer you a fair settlement as long as you don’t hire a lawyer.

This is an insurance company’s crown jewel. When they make injured people believe this lie, it saves them loads and loads of money. Otherwise, the injured would hire an attorney and get back a much healthier settlement than they thought, but that’s what they don’t want you to know. It is extremely important that you at least discuss your case with an attorney before taking a settlement.

There you have it. 5 HUGE injury law myths: DEBUNKED! We hope you can all take away knowledge from this blog, and as always, visit our website at for more information!

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