You have decided that you need an attorney for your personal injury claim. This was a big decision, and one I congratulate you on making. There is a lot of noise out there about considerations in hiring an attorney. Here are the questions I think are important before you make your decision (in no particular order):

  • Will you treat me like a person, or will I be one of hundreds or thousands of cases you handle?

    Loyd J. Bourgeois, LLC only takes a select number of cases per year so that we can focus on providing our clients the respect, attention, and compassion they and their cases deserve. We are not a claim mill and do not take hundreds or thousands of personal injury cases a year. If you are looking for that, we are not the firm for you. We only work with clients who meet our exacting criteria of being someone who is hard-working, likable, and not a pain in the you-know-what. Life is too short for us to expend our energy representing people we don’t like or who are trying to game the system. Rest assured, if you become a client, you are treated like a loved family member.

  • If I hire you, will you or your team take my calls or return my calls promptly?

    Loyd J. Bourgeois, LLC strives to return all calls and emails within the same business day, or in some circumstances, the next business day. Of course, at certain times, we may not be able to get to you in that time frame, but if that is the case, we will let you know that as well. We only take a select number of cases so that we can provide exceptional client service.

  • Outside of your marketing of verdicts, what makes you different from every other attorney?

    5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury AttorneyWe are different because our philosophy is different. For us, it is not enough to simply win your case or provide a great result, we want you to feel important and valued and a part of our family! That is the LJB Difference and it influences and impacts how we handle every aspect of your case.

  • Are you going to force me to settle if I don’t want to settle but want to go to trial?

    Because we have a different philosophy, we understand that in your case, getting some money may not be as important as getting your day in court! Your opinion and directions are important and valued and we listen. Now, with that said, we will treat you just like a loved family member and give you some hard, honest truth about your decision if we feel it is necessary.

  • Can you describe to me the process of how your firm will handle my case in detail?

    We handle all cases the “LJB Way!” Generally, we meet with you first to obtain the facts of the auto accident and start investigating potential liability and insurance availability. We guide you through the medical treatment process working with you and your doctors to truly understand the impacts on your life. We maintain contact with you throughout this process to stay informed, give guidance, and understand your medical condition. Your medical treatment guides our next step as we may either attempt to settle in the right circumstances, find another resolution if a settlement is not possible, or start litigation. The entire LJB Way is a more detailed process for handling all aspects of your claim. When you become a client of Loyd J. Bourgeois, LLC, you are provided with our special client guide – “The LJB Way” which describes in detail how we handle your case. The guide includes written, audio, and video components to guide you through various aspects of your case.

  • How often can I expect to hear from you or your team about my case?

    In accordance with the “LJB Way,” you hear from us as often as you want. If you want to hear from us monthly – you get it. If you want to hear from us quarterly – you get it. If you prefer to only hear from us when there is a development – you get it. If you are the type of client that just wants to make one call and expects to strong arm ‘em, we are probably not the firm for you. Our clients are integral parts of their own case and we don’t forget that!

Remember, our philosophy is that you are important and valued – we take that seriously!

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Bonus Tip: When looking at attorney reviews, don't just look at the number of stars or number of reviews, read what the people have to say about their experience. (A ton of star ratings with no comments or super generic comments don't mean too much.)

If you have any other questions about how we can help you or how we handle our cases, give us a call at 985-240-9773.

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