Founded in 1957, this Bellevue, Washington company is relatively new when compared to other insurance company giants.

Symetra offers a variety of insurance products including life insurance, individual, and employer-provided group insurance.

Symetra’s revenue, net income, and total assets are measured in the billions.

Symetra advertises that it is people-focused and touts its clients as their number one asset.

Don’t let their advertising fool you.

Their bottom line is their number one asset.

Long-Term Disability Denied by Symetra

Your best interests are never protected by any insurance company regardless of what its advertising might lead you to believe.

They didn’t become a billion-dollar company by accident.

When you are looking to buy-in they treat you like a friend, but when it’s time to claim the benefits you’ve been paying for?

That’s a different story.

Like all other insurance company giants, Symetra employs a series of tactics to deny or delay worthy claims.

How to Avoid a Long-Term Disability Denial from Symetra

Look Out for These Red Flags:

1. Applications Are Written for You to Fail

Insurance companies like Symetra set their claimants up for failure from the beginning by wording their applications in such a way as to solicit a denial.

In fact, most claims are denied the first time.

Take your time and read over each question carefully.

It also helps to be as specific as possible when describing your disability and limitations.

It is highly recommended that you seek help from an experienced long-term disability attorney when filing your initial application.

2. Never Being Able to Speak to a Claims Representative

When you call, are you thrown into an impenetrable maze of automated recordings that lead to nowhere?

Is your claim representative never available?

Are you forced to leave messages that you suspect aren’t being passed on?

You have a right to speak with the person handling your claim.

If you’re getting the run-around, that should be a clear indicator that you are not the company’s top priority.

3. Short-Term Benefits Denied Before Long-Term Benefits Begin

To get out of paying benefits, Symetra will deny short-term disability benefits just before long-term disability benefits are set to begin.

Symetra’s representatives will often give vague reasons as to why your short-term benefits were terminated, usually stating that there is “not enough medical evidence”.

Basically, Symetra is making up an excuse as to why they won’t pay your long-term disability benefits.

These are just a few of the red flags to look out for.

In addition to these warning signs, Symetra may delay or deny your claim based on several unsubstantiated reasons.

If you are unsure of where your long-term (LTD) claim stands, you should speak with an experienced attorney.

Did Symetra Unfairly Deny or Delay Your Long-Term Disability Claim?

Insurers deny claims for many reasons – both in error and by design.

Symetra and other long-term disability insurance companies have a financial incentive to pay out as little as possible.

We anticipate every tactic the insurance company may use to delay, deny, or terminate your claim.

With over 15 years of experience, we know what to look out for.

Our team will examine your case to reveal any wrongdoing on the part of Symetra.

Tactics Symetra Uses to Deny Worthy Long-Term Disability Claims:

  • Claiming you don’t meet their definition of “disability”
  • Stating that your injury or disability is due to a pre-existing condition
  • Disregarding your doctor’s recommendations
  • Disregarding statements from your doctors that describe the severity of your limitations
  • Ignoring medical evidence that supports your claim
  • Claiming your inability to work is for reasons not covered under your policy
  • Symetra had inaccurate information about your job description and duties
  • Symetra misinterpreted the extent of your limitations
  • Intimidating you into saying the wrong thing or giving up

If Symetra didn’t send you an out-right denial, they may needlessly delay your claim, costing you the benefits you need to survive.

The Most Common “Reasons” for Symetra Delaying your Long-Term Disability Claim

  • Delays due to poor communication
  • Claiming they have not received your medical records
  • Alleging you did not provide adequate medical evidence
  • Stating that your medical records are incomplete
  • Refusing to provide your claim file and records to you
  • Delaying payments while taking months to schedule an Independent Medical Examination
  • Delaying decisions because they are waiting on records from several years ago
  • Claiming that your doctors need to perform more tests (MRIs, CT scans, etc.)

Hiring a Long-Term Disability Lawyer Can Help You Prevent a Denial from Symetra

As you can see, obtaining your long-term disability benefits isn’t easy.

The most common mistake that disabled claimants make is to represent themselves.

Long term disability claims can be a challenging, lengthy process to handle without assistance from a knowledgeable attorney.

If Symetra long-term disability denied or delayed your claim, the best option for success is to hire a qualified disability insurance attorney.

An experienced Long-Term Disability attorney will build a compelling case against Symetra to get the benefits that are owed to you.

Your attorney will gather medical records and get statements from your doctor and employer regarding your disability and limitations. They will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf and, if necessary, present your case in court.

If your Symetra LTD insurance claim was denied, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. We provide experienced representation for policyholders whose Symetra disability insurance claims were wrongfully denied, delayed, or terminated.