"I was worried about getting an attorney that would work for me, instead of just getting a paycheck, and he made me feel he cared more about the situation than just a paycheck. 

He cared about me, and I felt that and that's what made me very comfortable with him."  

"I was on my way to work, pulling off the interstate, and I went to turn and somebody was in front of me that flagged me on. 

When they flagged me on, I came across the highway and I actually could see him in the corner of my eye coming my way, so what I did was I gave it more gas to try to get away from him.  Well, I didn't.  He caught me in the back end, swung the car around, threw me in the ditch."

Gabriel's C2, a vertebrate bone at the top of the neck was broken. He would be in surgery within 48 hours. But after the first surgery...

"Find out that my C2 wasn't healing, so they came back and done another surgery. 

I lost some movement in my neck and the rotation like 15 degrees to each side."

Gabriel attempted physical therapy, but it soon became clear to his doctors that his severe injury would prevent a return to work.

To do my Social Security disability, so I asked around and a friend of mine had recommended Loyd Bourgeois Jr. 

I made an appointment with him; went over everything.  He explained everything thoroughly."

Loyd filed an appeal and fought for Gabriel's Social Security Disability benefits after Gabriel was initially denied.

"For the court, so I went in front of the magistrate.  I explained everything that was going on with me.  The magistrate asked me questions, my attorney asked me questions, and then that case was over with.  They didn't give me a decision right away."

Loyd informed Gabriel about two weeks later that the court had found in his favor.

"I got all my back pay for even the time that when I got denied, as well as all my benefits. And here I am disabled, but it helped me to make life a little easier."

Gabriel was a client looking for sincere and responsive service. He says he found that at Louisiana Disability Law.

"When I called him, if he wasn't available, I left a message.  In a 24‑hour period, I received a phone call from him, calling me, finding out what the problem was, and what we could do to fix it and make it right, and my concerns.  He answered all my concerns. 

I recommend him to my friends when I realize that they have a problem that they can no longer work."


Gabriel Guerrero, Paradis, LA