He is involved in your case, and you're not shuffled around to someone else.

I didn't make the decision to actually seek legal counsel until several months into it, because it looked like, as time was going on, I wasn't getting any better.

Martina's injuries form her auto accident would require more intensive medical treatment...

I ended up having to have surgery and I actually had problems with walking.

I knew that I had to do something.

That's when Martina reached out to Loyd. They worked together to gather medical records, and Loyd investigated her case.

Documentation is really important and I actually have a medical background.

And with the electronic record, it can be quite confusing.

A lot of times, when you go to see your physician some of the old documentation will still be on that note.

So what was very helpful with that, actually, I think it would be great if he can probably provide some type of class to physicians, knowing how to make sure that you document the information properly.

Martina reviewed her records and additional information from Loyd to ensure everything was represented accurately in written format.

Wanted to make sure, you know, I know what I said and whatever I said was in that documentation because it makes a big difference.

Martina actually recommended Loyd to her friends before she was a client herself, and she said she would continue to recommend him.

He's very much hands-on, not one of these attorneys that you don't get a return phone call.

And he was very good at letting me know every step of the way what was going on with my case.

Martina also recognized Loyd's helpful staff and larger professional network of fellow attorneys.

They do a wonderful job, and he's very much involved with his staff too.

If it's something that he really doesn't specialize in, he's pretty good with being able to refer you to someone that can help you.

I think that's a really good quality too.

And with expanded office locations, Martina's referrals can access Loyd's services across the metro area.

The office that I usually communicate with is the office that is in Luling, which is in St. Charles Parish, but Loyd also has an office in Jefferson Parish. So between the two offices, you can definitely receive some type of services that will cover all those areas.

Martina summed up the aspect of her client experience that makes Loyd stand out...

Communication is the key and he does have, his self along with his office staff, the communication is definitely there.