One of the most frequently asked questions about injury claims at the office is “What Do I Do After I’ve Been In An Accident?”

Sometimes, people will call us from the scene of the accident with this question! (Crazy, I know but it has happened). Our response always is – if you are hurt, seek appropriate medical treatment!

Beyond that, our advice is:

  • Continue to treat to your doctor’s orders.
  • If you car is damaged, you want to get it repaired.

If an insurance company calls you, you will probably have questions about whether you should speak to them.

  • If it is YOUR insurance company, you can talk to them because they are there to help you get the claim resolved.
  • If it is the OTHER insurance company, you are under no obligation to give them any statement – recorded, written or otherwise - about the accident or your claim.

Now they may threaten you with not paying your claim or denying your claim! It is all rubbish. They can’t do that. And you have no obligation to talk to them.

Before you talk to them, I suggest you speak to an injury attorney that way you know what not to say to damage your claim.

I’m Loyd Bourgeois, your Louisiana injury and disability attorney and I’m here to answer questions for you!

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We are here to help guide you through this difficult process.

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