"So I didn't really know exactly if I should call you or what kind of cases you handle. I know you're a personal injury lawyer, and can I just tell you what's going on and you can tell me if you can help?"

Sure, so my name's Loyd Bourgeois and we get this kind of call quite often from folks in our community.

They don't really know exactly what a personal injury case is or if we can help them.

And so what I want to do with this video is just briefly explain to you what a personal injury case is.

It's just what it sounds like. It's a case where a person is injured, they receive injuries to their body, their neck, back, legs, face, a concussion, laceration, or a cut, some type of internal injuries, or broken bones. They're going to need surgery, injections, some physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, some type of medical care as a result of the injuries they received due to someone else's fault.

What do I mean by that, someone else's fault? Yeah, so if you're just kind of walking in your own yard and you trip and fall and break your ankle, yeah, you have a personal injury, but we don't really have anyone we can go after, it's your own yard.

If you're driving along following the rules of the road and someone runs through a stop sign here on Highway 90 and crashes into you, you know that person is at fault and they caused you injuries.

And those are the types of cases we can handle.

And so if you have a case where there is a bodily injury of some type, where you've received some medical treatment for it and someone else may be at fault. You may not know specifically at the outset whether that fault is certain on the part of someone else, but if you suspect someone else may be at fault, please give us a call.

We can investigate it, we can figure it out, and we'll let you know our thoughts on whether or not that personal injury case is viable for us to handle.

Types of cases that don't quite fall into personal injury but are related. It'd be like if you're in a crash, but you are not injured. So your car is damaged, your truck is damaged, but you don't have any personal injuries, we can give you some guidance on that. It's not really a case that we handle because there were no personal injuries involved.

And so for personal injury cases, you have to sustain some type of injury and someone else has to be at least partially responsible for that. Or you have to suspect someone is partially responsible for that. We can help you through that process. If you suspect any of those things, give us a call, reach out to us at 985-240-9773. Give us a call, talk to my team.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks.

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