I started out as an engineer. I have an environmental engineering degree. I went to law school and got an environmental certificate and was doing environmental litigation for a while, and one day in 2008 I got a phone call from my cousin who was battling brain cancer. At that point in time, she had kind of beaten it.

The cancer was in remission, but she had a lot of residual issues. She could not remember my name throughout the entire conversation. Now, this is someone who has known me my entire life. She told me she was having trouble with the disability company, and that they had kicked her off of long-term disability benefits and told her she can do her old job (which was selling insurance to random people). I’m thinking, “How can she sell insurance to people when she can’t even remember the name of someone she knows?” So I told her that I would look into it for her and get back to her.

When I started looking into it and the stories I read and difficulties I saw people having, it really hit me and made me mad.

People are being taken advantage of – people who have paid into the system or bought insurance with their hard-earned money, their labor, their time, and then just told they cannot get benefits anymore.

So I committed to her that I would fight for her, and eventually, I got her benefits reinstated.

My interest in this area of law blossomed from there. I had so much anger towards the disability system that I was committed to fighting for anyone who asked me for help on a disability case.

Now, I don't handle any environmental litigation cases. My practice is primarily disability because the same battle she was fighting and struggling to survive, I see my clients battling every day and it is still frustrating to me and makes me angry.

This is why I get up every morning committed to helping individuals get benefits that they rightfully deserve.

One of the reasons I created this website goes back to my cousin. She was a very smart individual but she had difficulties understanding the policies and what was going on with her case, which is what caused me to create the website.

I wanted to give the information that I learned to other people who are in similar situations so they can understand what they are facing from a Social Security or long-term disability carrier.

By providing this information to you, I hope you can find the tools that will help you fight this battle.

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