Bayer (formerly Monsanto Company) located in Luling, LA is a chemical manufacturer employing approximately 750 workers and is one of the largest employers in St. Charles Parish.

While safety is a top priority at Bayer, worker injuries are inevitable as no system is 100% perfect.

If you are unable to work due to an injury or disability, be aware, filing for the benefits that you’ve been paying into isn’t always easy.

Believe it or not, many long-term disability insurance companies are often only concerned with their bottom line.

So much so that applications for your LTD benefits are often written in such a way as to elicit responses that will result in a denial.

In fact, most initial applications are denied.

Don’t get discouraged! These 4 simple steps will help your chances of winning your appeal

Read Your Denial Letter Carefully!

Make a note of the stated reasons why your claim was denied and address those reasons as soon as possible.

For example, if a reason for denial was that the insurance company didn’t receive your complete medical record, find out what specific forms they are missing and then check back with them to make sure they were received.

Also, pay attention to any and all dates in your denial letter. Missing a deadline is a sure way to sink your claim.

Get the Medical Evidence You Need to Support Your Claim!

Having your doctor write a letter regarding your limitations due to your illness or injury will help bolster your claim.

Your medical records should reflect the fact that you have made regular visits to your doctor and appropriate specialists and that those specialists have conducted the necessary tests (MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, etc).

Take It Easy!

Know that the insurance company is watching you!

Many insurance companies hire private investigators to catch people doing activities that their disability should prevent them from doing.

There is no shame in taking it easy. Y

You’ve been injured or are disabled and following your doctor's orders is the first step toward recovery.

Getting caught on camera for a few minutes on a “good day” will be enough “proof” for the insurance company to deny your claim.

Consider Getting Legal Help

Asking for help can sometimes be the hardest step. You can go it alone but insurance companies like to make things difficult.

Remember, they’re looking out for their bottom line and will add extra hurdles that will result in your claim getting denied.

A locally based attorney who is experienced in ERISA and long-term disability is better equipped to take on the insurance company giants.

They will guide you through the difficult tasks of gathering medical records and filing paperwork; and generally will make the whole process as painless as possible.

Seeking the advice of an experienced disability attorney right here in St. Charles Parish is the best way to give your Bayer LTD appeal a fighting chance.

If you are applying for disability benefits or appealing a denial from Bayer, give our office a call at (985) 441-3448.

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