One of the most frequently asked questions in our long-term disability practice is “Will my long-term disability insurance company spy on me during this process?”

More often than not, unfortunately, the answer is YES! I have piles of videos right here in my office of hard-working claimants who are fighting for disability who have been spied on by the long-term disability insurance carrier.

Some signs to know when you may be spied on by your carrier is as follows:

  • If they send you a form asking about your activities.  The carrier may call it an activity log.  The carrier wants you to take them through your day. What do you do each day? What time do you do your activities?
  • Another question the carrier may ask you is “when is your next doctor’s appointment?” What they are looking for is information to know when you're going to be out of the house and about because people often do multiple things at one time.  For example, you may go to the grocery store, then go to the doctor’s office, and then go meet a friend – while you are out. They are looking to get you at that point in time.
  • Some other indicators of when you may be spied on by your long-term disability insurance carrier is:

The carrier may get up to get a private investigator to follow you around to establish that you can do certain activities.

My advice to you is pretty simple - be brutally honest with them telling them everything that you do even the minute details.

Do not over exaggerate! For example, you don't want to say "I cannot drive" because if they find you driving they can say “oh this person is not credible.”  You don’t want to say "I do not go out of the house," because if they find you just walking to your mailbox to check your mail they prove you a liar.

It is OK to do these things.  You do not have to prove under your disability insurance policy that you are completely inactive but if you tell the insurance company those things, it makes you out to be a liar when you are doing activities contradictory to what you told them on the activity log. 

As long as you are brutally honest with the long-term disability insurance company, you won’t give them any ammunition to deny your claim based on your credibility.  That is one small victory that you need to take advantage of!

I am long-term disability lawyer Loyd Bourgeois.  I want to help you fight the long-term disability insurance company who wants to take your premium but does not want to pay your claim.

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