Dow Chemical Company - St. Charles Operations

With six locations in Louisiana, Dow Chemical is the largest petrochemical company in the state, providing jobs for more than 6,000 Dow and contract employees.

St. Charles Operations, Dow's plastics and chemicals plant located in Hahnville, Louisiana, employs approximately 991 people and is one of the largest employers in St. Charles Parish.​

Many employees of Dow have employer-provided Long-Term Disability insurance coverage to cover part of their salary if an injury or illness prevents them from working.

The Insurance Companies Set You Up To Fail!

If you have been employed by Dow and need to file a long-term disability (LTD) claim be aware that the process isn’t always easy.

First and foremost is the fact that forms from your insurance company are often written and/or designed to elicit responses that will support a claim denial.

The odds of you winning your Dow Chemical LTD claim are against you from the very beginning.

How to Win Long-Term Disability from Dow St. Charles

5 Steps for Dow Employees to Avoid a Disability DenialIn addition to seeking advice from a knowledgeable attorney, following these 5 steps may help you avoid having your Dow St. Charles Long-Term disability claim denied.​

  1. Meet Your Policy’s Definition of ‘Disabled”.

    Your insurer will use either an “own occupation” or an “any occupation” definition of disability on your policy.

    “Own occupation” policies consider you disabled if you cannot fulfill the responsibilities of your specific occupation.

    Under “any occupation” policies, you are considered disabled if you cannot perform the requirements of any occupation.

    Even if you are unable to work, your Dow LTD claim can and will be denied if you fail to meet the ‘correct’ definition.
  2. Knowing and Documenting Any Excluded or Pre-Existing Conditions.

    Know what your policy considers an “excluded” or “pre-existing” condition.

    For example, some LTD policies include substance abuse disorders as an excluded condition.

    If you submit a claim for an excluded condition, your claim will be denied.

    Also, depending on your policy, a 12-month waiting period may be required for pre-existing conditions.

    Your Dow LTD claim will be denied if you submit a claim for your pre-existing condition prior to that 12-month waiting period.
  3. Go to the Doctor and Document EVERYTHING!

    Documentation is key!

    Your insurance company is going to look for regular, ongoing treatment of your illness or injury as evidence of your disability.

    Winning a long-term disability case is nearly impossible without proving that you have made regular visits to your primary care physician and appropriate specialists.

    Your Dow LTD claim is almost guaranteed to be denied without a properly documented history of you being under the regular care of a physician.

    Another one of the most common reasons that your Dow LTD claim may be denied is by simply not having all of your medical records on file.

    Find out what the insurance company is asking for and make sure that they receive everything on their list.

    Also, make sure that your medical records have enough detail to adequately document your disability and support your claim.
  4. Get A Statement From Your Doctor.

    One of the most important factors in proving your Dow LTD claim is the opinion of your doctor.

    Most insurance companies conduct their own independent investigations into your disability using their own doctors and medical professionals.
  5. Don’t Get Caught Performing Activities Your Disability Should Prevent You From Doing.

    We get it; you’ve been working your whole life and sometimes it’s hard to know when to quit.

    You may think “life doesn’t stop just because I have a disability.”

    With that being said, remember, the insurance companies can and do conduct video surveillance of your daily activities.

    If you are caught performing activities that you’ve claimed you cannot, your LTD benefits will be denied.

    Take it easy! You have an injury and there is nothing wrong with seeking the monthly benefits you deserve.

    You don’t want your long-term disability denied because your pride got in the way of your claim!

What to do When You Work for Dow St. Charles and Your Disability Claim is Denied

Even though you’ve paid into your long-term disability insurer, disability insurance companies are not always on your side.  Most long-term disability insurance applications are denied.

Seeking the advice of an experienced attorney right here in St. Charles Parish is the best way to give your Dow LTD appeal a fighting chance.

If you are applying for disability benefits or appealing a denial, give our office a call at 985-240-9773.

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