Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram – these are just a few of the social media applications most people use. 
These social media tools are pretty common today - I mean my wife's 93-year-old grandmother has a Facebook and posts pretty frequently.  Whatever you use - please keep this in mind as your injury case progresses.
Ideally, you will deactivate your social media accounts while your case is pending, but we know how hard doing so is these days.  You should remember even simple tweets or Facebook posts can make or break your personal injury case. Posting on your social media account can impact your personal injury claim in various ways.
What to Do and What Not to Do on Social Media When Filing a Personal Injury Claim
Personal Injury Social Media GuideUltimately, keep in mind these tips regarding social media if you’re filing a personal injury claim, including the following:
  • DO change your privacy settings. It is a safe practice in general, but especially when you are going through an injury or court proceeding. Only let your friends, family, and the people you actually know view your profile.
  • DON’T post photographs of the injury. One of the major appeals of social media is being able to connect with family and friends, all at once, regardless of your location. The temptation might be high to post pictures of your car after a major accident or to post photographs of injuries on your person, but it is imperative to avoid posting these photographs.
  • DO ask others to remain silent regarding your injury. As important as it is for you to not post photographs, it is important for others in your life to do the same. Others pictures or updates posted to social media could be used in your lawsuit. While sometimes this could help you, there is an overwhelming chance that the post could be harmful to your case. 
  • DON’T post updates about your condition or claim. Do not post about visits with doctors, your lawyer, or any case updates.
  • DO avoid reading other’s reactions to your case. In the event of a news article or some other public posting about your case, avoid engaging in arguments or discussion over the article.
  • DON’T forget about all of your social media accounts. Your most used accounts will not be an issue for you to remember to change privacy settings or watch for other’s posts, but make sure to do so for all accounts you have acquired over the years.
  • DO know that anything on your social media could be potentially used in your lawsuit. This includes past posts. It can be advantageous to you to be constantly aware of what you post, even without a personal injury claim.
  • DON’T contact other parties to the case via social media. Contact between parties needs to be between lawyers on each side. Do not reach out via social media to anyone involved in the case.
  • DO ask your family and friends to NOT tag you in any of their posts or stories.  We have seen insurance companies and defense attorneys use someone being tagged by friends/family to imply the tagged person was doing things (like boating) when they claimed they could not.  So, make your friends and family aware they should not be tagging you.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

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