One day, as I was finishing up coaching a soccer game for my son in Paradis, LA, I was approached by another parent - Let’s call her Meg.

I greeted Meg warmly as I usually do with most parents. I was very proud of her son that morning as he had made great strides in learning some very technical footwork techniques.

Meg was proud as well, but she had other things on her mind.

Meg had recently been in a car wreck and wanted to ask me a few questions about her potential personal injury case.

Meg said she was not quite sure she needed an attorney but had a few things she was curious about – and knowing I was an attorney, she wanted to get my opinion.

After hearing her story, I told her these simple tips for her personal injury claim that I am now sharing with you.

7 Simple Ways to Make The Best of Her Personal Injury Case

They are:

  1. ​Don’t Speak – you know the song (are you singing in your head now?) – now heed the advice. You do not have to speak to the other insurance adjuster about your injuries, the crash or any other aspect of the case and you should not! Not even once!
  2. Treat early and oftenGet checked out as soon as possible after an injury and treat as often as required based on the severity of your injury.
  3. Follow Your Doctor’s/Chiropractor’s Advice – Your doctor or chiropractor is the expert in treating your injury – do what they say!

    Don’t’ listen to your neighbor, brother, co-worker about how they treated their injury. Yours is different – listen to the experts who are treating you!
  4. Write It Down! – Write down your recollection of the crash as soon as possible trying to remember as many details as you can.

    Write down your ongoing symptoms and/or pains to provide to your doctor/chiropractor.

    Write down any changes in your life that you are experiencing.

    Write down missed days at work or other work problems.

    Write down doctor visits and miles traveled to doctors and pharmacies.

    Write down things you miss due to your injury.

    Trust me – you will not remember it all and the writing will help if your recollection is later needed.
  5. Be Truthful To Your Medical Provider – Make sure you let the doctor/chiropractor/physical therapist know the full extent of your suffering; if you are having medication side effects or have concerns/previously had an issue with taking medication, let them know; if you have a previous injury – let them know.

    If you do activities – tell them; if those activities cause more pain – you got it: tell your doctor!
  6. Live Your Life – Many clients are afraid of doing something that will hurt their case!

    My advice – if you were truthful with your medical provider and are following their advice – your case is your case and if you can do an activity (and you told your doctor about it and the doctor says ok) then that is your ability.

    We are not trying to commit fraud – we are trying to get you help for the injuries you have – nothing more nothing less.
  7. KISS (Keep It Simple Stu…) – Stu is a friend of mine and I tell him all the time – keep it simple.

    Where did you think this was going?

    Anyway…your personal injury case does not have to be complicated and it will not be (for you) if you follow these 7 Simple Ways to Make The Best of Your Personal Injury Case!

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