Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon recently announced that almost 80% of the Hurricane Ida-related complaints received by the Louisiana Department of Insurance have been related to homeowners insurance.

The most common complaint was claim delay.

Insurance Companies with Above Average Complaint Rates Post-Hurricane Ida

Commissioner Donelon also revealed the 15 insurance companies with above-average complaint rates.

(A complaint rate of 1 is the average. A complaint rate above 1 is above average.)

Insurance Company Complaint Rate

Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company


American Reliable Insurance Company


Safepoint Insurance Company


Allied Trust Insurance Company


Southern Fidelity Insurance Company


Tower Hill Prime Insurance Company


Americas Insurance Company


GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company


IAT Reins Co Grp (Occidental Fire & Cas Co, SafePort Ins Co, Wilshire Ins Co)


TWIMG Grp (Lighthouse Excalibur Ins Co, Lighthouse Prop Ins Corp)


Stillwater Insurance Company


Bankers Specialty Insurance Company


FedNat Holding Co Grp (Maison Ins Co, FedNat Ins Co)


Hartford Fire & Casualty Group (Hartford Ins Co of the Midwest, Hartford Cas Ins Co, Property & Cas Ins Co of Hartford, Hartford Ins Co of the Southeast)


Scottsdale Insurance Company


The insurance commissioner is recommending that you report any insurance complaints to his office. He has also stated that homeowners should be prepared to file suit to recover their full damages.

If your insurance company is delaying or underpaying your claim, you may also be entitled to bad faith damages. Give our office a call at 985-240-9773 and we will provide you with the next steps for your unique situation. You may not need a lawyer, but you do need to know your rights.

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