Divorce will always be a tough decision, but this is why we are here.

Our Family Law attorneys will help you to go through this process to protect your rights, children, interests, and property.

As your divorce lawyers, we strive to be your shield and support during these hard times, the same way we have been to clients in and around St. Charles, Jefferson, and Orleans Parishes since 2010.

Our law firm will work on your case to bring you the peace and relief that you need during these moments. From the initial petition for divorce to mapping out your future path forward, learn more about our services and the benefits of working with us.

Get an Experienced Divorce Lawyer to Defend Your Rights

It is normal to feel overwhelmed after opting for divorce, but once you decide to work with us, you will not be alone anymore.

By making strategic decisions, we will protect your rights and interests during this battle. You will receive all the assistance and attention to support you while we work on your case.

There are many important things at play here. If you have children, you need an attorney who has fought and worked out favorable custody agreements for previous clients.

By knowing that you are leaving your case in the hands of authentic legal professionals in this practice, you will get the peace and stability that you need during these moments.

The Support and Service that You Need During These Difficult Times

Since 2010, my divorce and family law firm has been helping clients with a wide variety of cases from child custody and alimony to more specific matters such as estate planning during divorce. 

If you are looking for a compassionate and effective divorce and family law firm to handle your case, you should contact us.

Give us a call at 985-240-9773 to talk about your case and receive professional legal advice.

Our Family Law Services

It is our passion to help people and to ensure that their rights remain protected. 

We put a wide variety of services at your disposal:

  • Contested Divorce
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support/Alimony
  • Marital Property Division & Community Property/Debt Division

During this stressful and emotional time full of unknowns, you can rely on us to work on your case.

Once you start working with us, we will review your case to create a specific and strategic solution for your best path forward.

If you have specific questions or want to have an initial consultation, call us at 985-240-9773 to review your case.

Why Should You Choose Us as Your Divorce Law Firm?

Our priority is bringing you a service that understands your situation, and hence, can effectively protect your rights during your divorce proceedings.

From our offices in Luling and Metairie, our attorneys have been helping clients like you since 2010 with different cases and matters related to the divorce process.

Core Values for a Superior Service

From the time you file for divorce, you need a lawyer who can express authentic empathy, compassion, and understanding due to the hard times.

Every member of our team practices these core values every single day, and therefore, you can rely on us for the support you need.

We will keep you posted with the latest updates about your case, and as always, we will be there to help you to make the best decisions.

You will have a lawyer ready and willing to listen to you when you need it the most.

Happy and Satisfied Clients

Achievements and education mean nothing if there is not a large base of happy and satisfied clients.

Fortunately, we have a base of clients that can vouch for our services and consider us as their best option when it comes to hiring a divorce attorney in the Greater New Orleans area.

We have obtained this reputation by working hard and offering to our clients the exact solutions that they need to go through this hard process.

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Let's start working to recover your peace and stability.

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